Alicia Haddad, Co-Founder of Alicia's Homemade

Alicia Haddad, Co-Founder of Alicia's Homemade


A lifelong love of great food and a knack for tinkering with recipes has been the driving force behind Alicia’s Homemade®.

In early 2015 Alicia and Jon were tasked with developing a few maple-based products for a fair in Upstate NY. It was at that point that they tried out a few family recipes, adding a light maple twist. The results were better than expected, and reviews from fair-goers who sampled the products were very favorable. It was then that Alicia and Jon knew they  might be onto something, and not just a maple-something.

‘Good’ food is what large food companies provide, but we at Alicia’s Homemade strive to make great foods, the natural way. You will not see any fillers or artificial ingredients used in Alicia’s Homemade® products, just fresh ingredients prepared with the consumer and their family in mind. It takes a passion for making things the correct (and painstaking) way to create a truly special product, like Alicia’s Homemade® Applesauce. When there are only a couple ingredients in each jar it means there is no room for fillers and other ‘manufactured’ additives, just apples and fresh squeezed lemon juice. And don’t forget to try the Maple Applesauce featuring a hint of real, Certified Organic maple syrup.

Our motto “feed your body healthy,” is the foundation for developing all of our recipes. Great flavors are achieved by letting quality ingredients shine through. We invite you to taste the Alicia’s Homemade® difference.